Bronze Keyholder (AKOKO NAN)

    Raw Materials: Bronze
    Colours: Bronze

    Ashanti craftsmen applying the ancient lost wax casting method to create the adinkra symbols, which are then polished and fixed with a keyring. With this keyholder, yiu pass on the wisdom of the Adinkra. AKOKO NAN: "the leg of a hen" (symbol of nurturing and discipline)

    The full name of this symbol translates to "The hen treads on her chicks, but she does not kill them. " This represents the ideal nature of parents, being both protective and corrective. An exhortation to nurture children, but a warning not to pamper them.

    Length: 6cm
    Weight: 14g

    $6,-Ft1539,-£4,-GH₵ 30,-€5,-