Fulani Earrings (Gold Plated)

    Raw Materials: Bronze (Gold plated)
    Colours: Gold

    Brass sheets hammered into an alluring twist to create this peculiar earring that is native to the Fulani people of West Africa. Through various routes, they find their way to Suntrade Bears shop and we feel compelled to have them gold plated in order to maintain the colour and add value to its timeless beauty. In addition, the 24k gold plating allows people with sensitivity to any other metal to wear them.

    Length: 5cm
    Width: 4cm
    Weight: 6g

    $16,-Ft4615,-£12,-GH₵ 90,-€13,-
    Length: 3cm
    Width: 3cm
    Weight: 3g

    $16,-Ft4615,-£12,-GH₵ 90,-€13,-
    Length: 2cm
    Width: 2cm
    Weight: 2g

    $11,-Ft3077,-£8,-GH₵ 60,-€9,-