Fulani Earrings (Gold Plated)

    Raw Materials: Bronze (Gold plated)
    Colours: Gold

    Brass sheets hammered into an alluring twist to create this peculiar earring that is native to the Puel people of Senegal and Mali. These have been gold plated to lengthen the wear and give a shimmery effect.

    Length: 5cm
    Width: 4cm
    Weight: 6g

    $16,-£12,-GH₵ 90,-€13,-
    Length: 3cm
    Width: 3cm
    Weight: 3g

    $16,-£12,-GH₵ 90,-€13,-
    Length: 2cm
    Width: 2cm
    Weight: 2g

    $11,-£8,-GH₵ 60,-€9,-