Sun Trade Beads - Order Status

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When will I receive my order?

We will make every effort to ship your order on or before the estimated shipment date on the order status page. Shipping dates may change due to changes in supply. If the shipping time changes, Sun Trade Beads will contact you via email or telephone and provide a revised shipping estimate.

What does my order status message mean?

Order Received: Your order has been received but has not begun processing. In most cases, we process your order within 24 hours from the time you place your order on-line and may take longer depending on weekends, holidays, large quantity orders or method of payment.

Open: Your order or order line has begun processing but has not yet processed shipped.

Partially Shipped: Part of your order or order line has shipped.

Shipped: All items on your order or order line have shipped.

Electronically Delivered: You downloaded product(s) successfully.

Completed: Your order has been processed completely.

Cancelled: All items on your order or order line have been cancelled.

Action Required: Your order has been received but it cannot be processed due to incomplete payment or lack of other important information. Once you have provided this information, we can continue processing your order and will provide you with the estimated dates your products will ship.

What are your shipping days?

Shipping days are Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

Who can I call if I do not see my order listed in the order status page or need to make changes or discuss my order?

Email us at or call one of our phone numbers during the hours of operation.

If you do not see your order listed in the order status page do the following:

After you successfully place your order, you can track its status online using the order number and PIN provided on your order confirmation email. If this is not the case please forward the order completion email to with a note that the order is not showing.

Please note that completed orders older than 12 months are not accessible from web order status.