Ghana: Where the Bead Speaks The full color, 106 page book named ‘Ghana: Where the Bead Speaks’ combines poetic reflections on beads in Ghanaian society by the most famous African woman writer, Ama Ata Aidoo and an essay by professor of African Studies at University of Ghana, Esi Sutherland-Addy. The book design was coordinated by bead expert Kati Torda, of Sun Trade Beads. This book is an absolute 'must read' for every bead lover and is a vibrant and articulate testament to Ghana's incredible bead culture. Beads are a fascinating and important part of our culture and heritage; they are an expression of the creativity and aesthetic of our people. Discover a fascinating history of the beads in Ghana and the role of beads in our society. The book is available for purchase in our shop. The African Fabric Shop.

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